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Hotel Wants Compensation

By Martin Myall

The owners and shareholders of Hotel Bahía Tropical in Taramay, Almuñécar want compensation should the building be demolished. »

Telefónica Coughs Up

By Hugh MacArthur

On Valentine's Day 2018, M.D. was walking with a friend along a street in Baza when she tripped over a Telefónica manhole cover in the pavement. »

Health Board Pays Out

By Vivienne Hughes

A man from Granada had an operation on his heart in 2014 but the surgeons left behind a part of a canula when they sewed him back up. »

Drunk Driver Attacks Policeman

By Hugh MacArthur

A female driver has been found guilty of drink driving and attacking a police officer whilst being arrested. Her passenger was found guilty of aggression, as well. »

Costly Slip

By Hugh MacArthur

A shopper slipped up on the floor tiles of a self-service ship in the centre of Granada and has finally won her case for compensation. »

Jail Term in Ron Montero Case

By Hugh MacArthur

Motril law courts have sentenced the ex-Administrator of the Ron Montero rum distillery to 3-years imprisonment over the tragic fire in July 2015. »

User 1 – Phone Company 0

By Hugh MacArthur

Now this is going to warm you hearts! A telephone company has been fined for cutting somebody's phone off. »

Santa Ana Malpractice

By Hugh MacArthur

(COH 10C) The Andalusian Supreme Court (TSJA) has sentenced the regional health board to pay out 171,300 euros to an ex-patient at Hospital Santa Ana. »

Ron Montero Fire Trial

By Hugh MacArthur

After several postponements, the trial over the explosion and fire at the Ron Montero distillery in Motril began yesterday at the local law courts. »

The Salomar 2000 Affair

By Editor

The judicial system has come down against the Salobreña Town Hall over the Salomar 2000, again, ordering it to rebuild a demolished wall and tennis court. »

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