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When Winning isn’t Enough

The 400 affected families in Carmenes del Mar on Cerro Gordo won their case, the judge sentencing the accused to pay for emergency repair work. But that was last year and nothing has come of it yet.

Double Whammy

The Motril law court has sentenced a resident of Granada to 22 months in prison and ordered him to pay compensation of 749 euros after he left a hotel in Calahonda without paying after staying there for a month. He even made good use of their catering facilities.

Xbox Man Gnashes Neighbour’s Meat & Two Vedge

What a headline! And it’s true! Jason Martin, a 41-year-old from Dover in Kent, England, was so incensed that his neighbour had sent him a text asking him to turn down his Xbox, he went to his house, confronted him, and bit his penis and testicles.