Chiringuitos & Chorizos

COS Chiringuito GenericRebeca Alcántara did an interesting article last Sunday in the Ideal regional newspaper about how chiringuitos are not happy bunnies; here’s why.

Chiringuito has become a vogue word with negative connutations describing a shady grant system. For example, a regional government will subsidise an association which really doesn’t deserve it, but as it is run by a politician with ties to the administration or simply a relative to the somebody in a key position, the money flows. In English it is akin to ‘a nice little set up,’ or a front for syphoning off public funds.

Now, this meaning is far from the official definition of the word chiringuito, which is basically a beach bar/restaurant.

However, the Royal Spanish Academy includes this second, negative definition in its dictionary, as it is well established in political circles when they’re throwing mud at each other and in the news media to cover such scandals when they come to light.

Down here on the Costa Tropical, the Chairman of the Asociación de Los Chiringuitos de la Costa Tropical, Francisco Trujillo, it not happy with this situation. “We’re tired of it,” he complained, adding, “we don’t like our image being linked to something negative.”

They have consequently decided to take two courses of action:

A) Approach the Royal Academy so that the dictionary entry states that a chiringuito is “an establishment located on a beach or in the open air that proportions professional gastronomic and leisure services to visitors under the most scupulous legality.”

B) Approach the House of Parliament calling upon politicians to refrain from using the modern negative (shady) interpretation of the word ‘chiringuito.’

Editorial comment: A chorizo, as everybody knows, is a spicy Spanish sausage. However, it has a second ‘slang’ interpretation meaning a thug or crook. Should the makers of chorizos now demand that everybody stops using this slang term? There is an English expression that perhaps applies here: get a life.

(News: Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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