When Winning isn’t Enough

ALM Benavides May 2019The trouble with elections nowadays is that just because you pulled more votes than your rivals, it doesn’t mean that you have ‘won.’

In the Spanish elections, right down from national elections to municipal ones, parties have celebrated ‘winning the election’ but have found that the opposition parties in coalition have beaten you to the post. The Andalusian Regional Elections are a case in point: the PSOE came first… and lost.

And so it is that although Almuñécar’s CA (Benavides) came first, it will be a race between him and Herrera (PP) to form a majority coalition.

It is the same in Motril, where the PP won the most seats, as they did in 2015; will the candidate lose out yet again to an opposition coalition headed by PSOE Mayor Almón?

The case of Salobreña seems more certain because although the Mayor lost two seats compared with 2015, there is no workable opposition line up to form an alternative governing council.

The far-right Vox party and the far-left Podemos party shared differing fates. Despite the meteoric rise of Podemos from nothing to vying with the PSOE for left-wing hegemony across Spain in only a handful of years, these last two elections have reflected an equally rapid demise into seeming political backwaters.

The far-right Vox, a throwback to a 1930s mindset, was forecast to make great inroads to Spanish politics both on a local levels as well as nationally, but it wasn’t to be; take the case of Almuñécar where there won zero seats. They had more success, however in Almería, which by no coincidence, is where there are more North-African immigrants working.

(News: Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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