Patrol Car Stolen

ALP Guardia Civil car GenericThe Guardia Civil, whilst on a drugs operation, had one of their patrol cars stolen by the very drug runners who they were chasing.

The police had received a tipoff about a cargo of hashish from North Africa that was going to be landed on a beach on the Axarquía stretch of the Costa del Sol.

The drugs had landed and were being unloaded from the RIB when the Guardia Civil made their move. Patrol cars screeched to a halt not far from the beached RIB and everybody got out and ran towards it shouting, “Halt, the Guardia Civil, nobody move!”

Of course, upon the words, “nobody move,” everybody moved in all directions, scattering before the police. Even so, the Guardia Civil managed to bag most of them…

One of them, however, sneaked back to a parked patrol car, with the lights on, doors open and keys in the ignition, so he jumped in a fled the scene.

Red-faced perhaps, the Guardia Civil put out a call to all police units, both from the Guardia and the Policía Nacional and Policía Local to help track down the stolen car. It was the Policía Nacional who found the car, nicely parked near Fuente Olletas (Málaga). It was in perfect condition and nothing was missing… just the elusive drug runner.

(News: Axarquia, Costa del Sol, Malaga)

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