The Wrong Way Down Autovías

SPN Guardia Civil motorbike police 01Two drivers were intercepted by the Guardia Civil driving the wrong way down an autovía in two separate incidents recently.

The first incident occured around 20.40h on the 20th along the A-92N. The Guardia Civil had noticed that there was a tailback forming and decided to investigate. The traffic was grinding to a halt because a car that had been zigzagging from one lane to the other suddenly decided to swing round and go back the way it had come… but on the same lanes.

The police finally flagged him down and, to nobody’s surprise, after being breathalysed the 37-year-old driver from Jaén was found to be well over the limit. In fact, when they stopped him, he was drinking from a bottle of beer and there were several empty bottles on the seat next to him…

The other incident occurred on the A-44 and involved a 48-year-old man from Albolote who had been driving in the wrong direction between the Deifontes exit and the Pantano de Cubillas exit.

When he was later stopped after having abandoned the autovía he was not alone in the car, but accompanied by his wife. Apparently, they had been in the middle of a heated row when he had taken the wrong lane onto the autovía by mistake.

(News: Granada, Andalucia)

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