Costa Tropical Election Results

Monday, December 3, 2018
By Martin Myall

AND electionsYesterday’s regional elections in Andalucía brings an end to an epoch; a change that is very indicative for the coming municipal elections in May.

Almuñécar & La Herradura

The governing party, PP, received the most votes, taking 23.77% of the results ‘cake,’ with the PSOE taking 20.50%. The third place was taken by Ciudadanos with 17,79 % and fourth place by Vox, with 12%.

The turn out was 54%, which is three percentage points lower than the last regional elections in 2015.


The governing PSOE party came in first with 32% of the votes with the PP trailing behind with only 19%. The far-left Adelante Andalucía party took third place with 18.96%, right on the heels of the PP, with Ciudadanos third (15,51 %) and then Vox (8,76 %).

There was a very noticeable drop in voter turn out, dropping from 61.30% down to 56.56%.


Here, where the PSOE governs, there was a virtual draw between the PSOE and the PP; 24.59% the former and 24.09% the latter. Ciudadanos came in 3rd doubling their presence (from 7,88% to 16,21%) followed by Adelante Andalucía (14,86%) and Vox (11,83%). Whereas Vox only received 49 votes in 2015, last night they received 2,756.

Again, the voting turn out was lower, dropping from 59.34% in 2015 down to 54.18%.

(News: Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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2 Responses to “Costa Tropical Election Results”

  1. What impact will this have on myself being a home owner in the Granada Province (Velez De Benaudalla)



    Ps: You all do a wonderful job at the Seaside Gazette, it’s a pleasure to be kept upto date whilst back here in England.

  2. These regional elections will have no impact on foreign homeowners – it’s the national ones that may have, which can be held anywhere between May next year and spring 2020, so don’t worry.

    Here below are the results for Vélez Benaudalla. These regional results don’t change the municipal councils but they do serve as an indicator on how the Municipal Elections can go in May 2019.

    Thank you very much, as well, for your encouraging words.

    PSOE 558 votes = 41,64 %
    PP 266 votes = 19,85 %
    Adelante Andalucía 200 votes = 14,93 %
    VOX 151 votes = 11,27 %
    Cs 118 votes = 8,81 %


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