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Mayor in for a Storm

By Martin Myall

With the upcoming Municipal Elections on the 26th, the Almuñécar Mercado Municipal will become a battleground. The Mayor's re-elections will hinge on this issue. »

Elections Ahoy!

By Martin Myall

With the national elections being decided this Sunday night, soon attention will turn to the European and Local Elections next month. »

AxSí Shows The Way

By Martin Myall

It's nice to see that a political party makes the effort to remove all the election posters, etc, the day after election day. »

Costa Tropical Election Results

By Martin Myall

Yesterday's regional elections in Andalucía brings an end to an epoch; a change that is very indicative for the coming municipal elections in May. »

Andalusian Elections Announced

By Vivienne Hughes

The Prime Minister of the Andalusian Regional Government, Susana Díaz, has just announced that there will be elections on the 2nd of December. »

Stand-up Politics

By Jes Rasmussen

As I write, it is still uncertain whether or not Mr and Mrs Denmark are going to the polling stations this autumn, only little more than a year after the latest election. »

Electoral Fun in Almuñécar

By Martin Myall

Firstly, cheer up; it will all be over by Sunday night. Secondly, we're in for a nightmare week until then. »

Andalusia Elections Summary

By Martin Myall

The socialist polled the same amount of seats on the 22nd of March as the last regional elections, but unlike last time, they came in first - sounds a contradiction, but it's not. »

A Taste of Things to Come?

By Martin Myall

The tailbacks on the N-340 and A-44 during the May-Day break were a reminder of how the summer traffic will probably be. »

Benny Makes His Move

By Martin Myall

It's official and it's all over bar the shouting; Juan Carlos Benavides is back in the driving seat of the Almuñécar branch of the PA. »

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