The Magnificent Seven

SAL Entrance RoundaboutSeven people from the same clan; i.e., all relatives, were arrested in connection with shoplifting incidents at nine supermarkets, one of which was in Salobreña.

Actually, the title should have been The Mangante Seven (mangante = Spanish for thief).  But on with the plot!

The thefts all took place between October and December with the first occurring in Maracena where a security guard caught a person making off with a loaded shopping trolley. Upon confrontation the thief brandished a screwdriver but ran off leaving his booty behind.

The other supermarkets were in Loja, Baza, Granada, Armilla, Pulianas, Alcalá la Real and good ol’ Salobreña. *sniff!* We’re on the map!

Anyway, the Guardia Civil began looking into the shoplifting incidents,  giving the police operation the very original name, Supermarket… and that’s not a translation but the actual name. *Sniff!* Makes you proud of the Green Meanies flaunting their English and Earl Grey consumption!

ADZ Hotel Miba

As a result of their investigations they came up with the names of seven suspects, aged between 29 and 61-years old, residents the city of Granada, in an area where you wouldn’t park your car overnight – just saying!

It wasn’t hard to identify them thanks to the supermarkets’ CCTV footage – you can’t exactly go shoplifting wearing a stocking over your head, can you…

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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