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Bargain Shopping

GRA Loaded Shopping Trolley

A group of women, two of whom are sisters, allegedly had an arrangement with a supermarket worker allowing them to walk off with loaded trolleys of goodies.

How Can This Be?

SPN Contagious Rat

Whilst thousands of people have shown amazing solidarity and sacrifice there have been others – thankfully few – who have shown the opposite.

Three Up & Armed

GRA Three on a Bike 02

What is surprising about the armed hold up in the city of Granada, is not the targeted business nor the booty obtained, but the getaway vehicle used.

The Magnificent Seven

SAL Entrance Roundabout

(HMI09) Seven people from same clan; i.e., all relatives, were arrested in connection with shoplifting incidents at nine supermarket, one of which was in Salobreña.

Almuñécar Supermarket Hold Up

ALM Supermarket Hold Up

It was at 09:20h yesterday morning that a man armed with a knife held up a supermarket in Almuñécar – the cashier handed over the contents of the till: coins and a bundle of five and 10-euro notes.