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Car Burns on A-44

GRA Car in Flames A-44 Niguelas AG20 01

It’s very inconvenient when your get a flat or are in danger of running out of petrol without a gasolinera in sight, but when you car bursts into flames…

Two wheels, 60 & No Sense?

GRA Cyclist in a Quarry

Youth requires a degree of foolishness otherwise it is youth misspent. However, if you’re old and foolish, well, you’re just a plain fool. Anyway, you judge for yourselves with this next article.

Bargain Shopping

GRA Loaded Shopping Trolley

A group of women, two of whom are sisters, allegedly had an arrangement with a supermarket worker allowing them to walk off with loaded trolleys of goodies.

Headless Diver

MOT Red Cross & Sea Rescue 02

The maritime branch of the Guardia Civil recovered a headless corpse in a neoprene suit some eight nautical miles off Almuñécar yesterday.