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Pointless Complaining?

Fuente Vaqueros has long been a problematic municipality, as one supermarket there well knows; they reported 80 incidents of shop lifting but to no avail.

The Magnificent Seven

(HMI09) Seven people from same clan; i.e., all relatives, were arrested in connection with shoplifting incidents at nine supermarket, one of which was in Salobreña.

False Leg Boot Legging?

Well, it’s not technically ‘bootlegging’ but why let the truth get in the way of a good headline, right? No, it’s about a man with a false leg who used it to smuggle bottles of spirits out of a shop. Damned cunning!

Shoplifting Priest

A priest in the province of Cádiz was caught shoplifting and fined 800 euros. The man, a vicar at the Catedral Vieja de Cádiz, had been caught red handed with top-brand clothing concealed in his briefcase.