Motril Strays & Homes

Motril Town Hall is campaigning for awareness towards abandoned pets and their adoption from the municipal animal refuge.

Councillor for Health, David Martín, said the campaign aims to promote a better care of pets, especially during the summer when many pets are abandoned to their fate.

He also pointed out that the municipal animal refuge is running out of space owing to the amount of abandoned dog and cat litters found in or beside rubbish hoppers or in the surrounding countryside.

For the cost of just 63 euros, he pointed out, anybody can adopt a pet from the refuge. This cost covers its identify chip, vaccinations and medical book. In other words, give these animals a second chance in life.

The problem is, pets bought at Christmas rapidly out grow their novely and become a nuisance come the summer. For this reason he urges people who no longer want their pets to bring them into the refuge rather than just abandoning them.

Lastly, he expressed their gratitude to all the privade animal protection associations and indiviuals that help out finding homes for the animals in the refugee.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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