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Strays and Litter Bins

By Louise Powell

The animal-protection group, APAMA has come up with an unusual scheme for promoting animal adoption in Almuñécar; they're using street litter bins. »

Booby-Trapped Food for Pets

By Vivienne Hughes

At the end of summer last year the police alerted people to the fact that booby-trapped food was being left for pets in parks in several cities across the country. »

Slow Pet DNA Bylaw

By Hugh MacArthur

Ten months after it came into effect, the Rincón de la Victoria Town Hall is only going half heartedly at imposing its Pet-DNA measures. »

Beachy No-Nos

By Martin Myall

(DCU 09) There are certain things that you are not allowed to do on beaches on the Costa Tropical; not all of them - it depends on the town and the beach »

Motril Strays & Homes

By Vivienne Hughes

Motril Town Hall is campaigning for awareness towards abandoned pets and their adoption from the municipal animal refuge. »

How Much Do You Love Your Dog?

By Martin Myall

In Cabra, which is a town in the province of Cordoba, there is a vet that treats tumours in pets using a novel treatment... for pets that is. »

Motril Pet Chip Readers

By Vivienne Hughes

Motril Town Hall has acquired six new devices for reading the microchips that pets have inserted under their fur for identification purposes. »

Pet Painting Exhibition

By Louise Powell

The municipal animal home in Motril is hosting an art exhibition of pet paintings and drawings, entitled: Being Generous is an Art. »

Two’s Company, Three’s a Crowd and Four’s Illegal

By Hugh MacArthur

The Granada City Hall has just brought out a bylaw that effectively prohibits home owners from have more than three dogs or cats at home. »

CAS: Events for November 2013


Costa Animal Society's news and forthcoming events during the month of November and a peak in December. »

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