The Motril Navy

MOT Cleaning Boat OnLThe Mayor of Motril had her photo taken next to the pride of the fleet; the motorized launch for cleaning up the surface of the sea off the beaches.

The Mayor was accompanied by the Chairman of the Board for the publicly run, cleaning company, Limdeco, who also just happens to be a vice-Mayor of Motril and Chairman of the Mancomunidad de Costa Tropical, bless his ‘not-short-of-a-bob’ cotton socks.

The launch will go out three times a week during August and will, with merciless efficiency, skim the water surface, removing jetsam and unwary bathers with its lateral scoops, which majestically deposit their booty in a rubbish container in the centre of the craft.

The Chairman estimates that the ‘Scourge of the High Seas’ is capable of removing 1,500 kilos of rubbish from the sea surface during the course of the summer.

Last summer it left port 32 times, which was 48% of the planned ‘outings.’ This was because of adverse sea-state conditions and mechanical problems.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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