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Customs Chopper Down

AND Helicopter Customs Aduanera

A helicopter belonging to the Customs and Excise Police (Servicio de Vigilancia Aduanera) came down in the sea in front of a beach off Sotogrande yesterday.


MOT GC coastguards

A total of 18 illegal immigrants were arrested by the Guardia Civil on Thursday soon after they reached land in Salobreña.

A Sea Rescue Easter

MOT rescued Immigrants OnL

Salvamento Marítimo rescued 52 people, 11 of whom were women, all cramped into a zodiac-type dingy 36 miles of the coast of Granada on Good Friday. It was to be a busy Easter weekend.

The Motril Navy

The Mayor of Motril had her photo taken next to the pride the fleet; the motorized launch for cleaning up the surface of the sea off the beaches.