Third Marina Cleaning Dive

LHR CleanUp Dive OnLVolunteers, operating from the Marina del Este beach, have carried out a third clean-up dive of the seabed in La Herradura bay.

The ‘trophies’ fished out include an old batter for boat and plenty of abandoned or lost fishnets. The latter also represented a danger to bathers.

Around 40 volunteer divers participated in the clean-up operation, which was organised by the Asociación Universitaria de Actividades Subácuáticas (AUAS) with the participation of local diving clubs (ScubaSur, Buceo Natura & OpenWater) and the Town Hall.

This third such operation, which was put on as part of the Día Mundial de los Océanos, aims not only to clean up the ‘litter’ from the seabed and keep tabs on the amount, but also to study the evolution of the seabed’s ‘health.’

The good news is that each year they find fewer objects to pull up and dispose of.

(News: Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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