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Biggest Beach Clean Up

By Louise Powell

Over 500 volunteers, amongst them 15 professional scuba divers and 40 snorkelers cleaned up the seabed off the eastern end of the Costa Tropical. »

Body of Missing Frenchman Found

By Martin Myall

A Frenchman, resident of Peñíscola, went missing on the 27th of May and then on the 6th of June they found a folder with his car docs on a beach. »

Cambriles Seabed Clean Up

By Louise Powell

(COH 01C) Forty volunteer divers carried out a clean up off Playa de Cambriles, where there are important extentions of posidonia. »

Almuñécar’s Lost Ring

By Martin Myall

Have you every lost your ring? We're not talking about the day after a curry night, but a real 'finger loop' Well, they might have found it! »

Submerged Body Recovered

By Hugh MacArthur

The Guardia Civil recovered the body of a man around 50-years old from the sea just off Playa de Cagailla, which lies between Salobreña and Motril. »

Paraglider Perishes in The Sea

By Martin Myall

A foreign paragliding enthusiast perished on Thursday after coming down in the sea in La Herradura at the Caleta end of the bay. »

Peñon Seabed Clean Up

By Vivienne Hughes

Volunteer divers from Buceo Almuñécar cleared 40 kilos of rubbish from the seabed around the Peñones del Santo (rock with cross) in Almuñécar. »

Calahonda Angler Missing

By Vivienne Hughes

Since Tuesday the 4th, Guardia Civil divers have been looking for an angler, who fell off the cliffs in Calahonda. The Motril Fire Service are involved in the search. »

Calahonda Seabed Clean-Up

By Louise Powell

The clean-up dive off Calahonda on the 17th was a great success, thanks to the participation of 78 divers, who managed to fill four small boats with their booty. »

Four Elderly Women Die in Flood

By Vivienne Hughes

Four women at a residency for the elderly in Cataluña died as a result of the home being hit by a flood when the nearby river burst its banks at four in the morning. »

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