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Scuba Diving Death

LHR Marina de Este

A 60-year-old man died whilst out diving in the sea off Almuñécar/La Herradura yesterday, according to a 112 call-centre, press release.

Fished off the Seabed

LHR Retrieve Fishing Gear

On Monday, Almuñécar Councillor for Beaches & Tourism, Daniel Barbero, was shown the fishing equipment and rubbish brought up from the seabed by volunteers.

Marina Coral Nursery

LHR Marina Coral Nursery

The coral beds off Punta de la Mona in Almuñécar/La Herradura are in many cases deteriorating fast with pieces broken off or entangled in fishing line.

Parked not Camping

LHR Camper Vans on Cantarrijan

The opposition party in Almuñécar, Convergencia Andaluza has denounced the presence of camper vans on Cantarriján and the Marina de Este.