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Windsurfer Rescued

By Vivienne Hughes

The maritime branch of the Guardia Civil rescued a young man on a surfboard off the coast of Torrenueva yesterday. »

Walls of Beach Debris

By Hugh MacArthur

We might not have had much rain over the weekend on the Costa Tropical, but there' has been in Almería, resulting in our beaches strewn with debris. »

It’s Orange, It’s Here

By Martin Myall

You know that summer has arrived on the Costa Tropical when 'mysterious orange stains' start appearing along the coastline. »

Surprise on the Beach

By Martin Myall

Bathers on a Torrenueva beach yesterday afternoon were surprised to see a RIB approaching the beach crammed with illegal immigrants. »

Torrenueva’s New Police Force

By Martin Myall

Torrenueva now has its own municipal police force, thanks to an accord with the Albuñol Town Hall. Up until now the police service was covered by Motril. »

Carchuna-Calahonda Sulks

By Hugh MacArthur

The First Councillor of Carchuna-Calahonda is not a happy bunny over Torrenueva's independence, or better said, her lack of it for her townships. »

Wet, Wet, Wet Weekend

By Martin Myall

Well that was a wet weekend, from the north of the province to the south. Take Campotéjar on the Jaén border where the river burst its banks, for example. »

People Smuggling in Motril

By Hugh MacArthur

The Policía Nacional busted a people-smuggling gang, arresting three of their number in Motril, amongst them the ring leader. »

Torrenueva’s A-1 Beach

By Martin Myall

(DCU 10) It was in the 90s that Torrenueva started to seriously look after their beaches - nearly 30 years later it's paying off big time! »

Torrenueva Independence?

By Martin Myall

This Motril dependency has long sought independence from its mother town but now it has all the necessary paperwork together, at last. »

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