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German Driver Killed on A-7

By Vivienne Hughes

A 24-year-old, German driver died yesterday afternoon in a road accident on the A-7 within the municipality of Nerja. »

Long Overdue Payout

By Martin Myall

We now all trundle along the completed A-7 without a second thought but there are those for whom the A-7 project is not over. »

Taramay Hill Fire

By Vivienne Hughes

Almuñécar fire personnel had to tackle a hill fire above Tarmay Wednesday evening, next to the A-7 junction. »

Looking Back: Summer Summary

By Martin Myall

The first article this month that takes a look at what was going on along our coast ten years ago was a summary of summer 2009. »

Looking Back: A-7 Inaugurated

By Martin Myall

Ten years ago this month the stretch of autovia between La Herradura and Taramay in Almuñécar was inaugurated - little remained for the A-7 to be completed. »

Lorry Suffers Blowout on N-340

By Martin Myall

The Almuñécar fire service were out yesterday morning trying to get a lorry back onto the road after suffering a front-tyre blowout. »

Lorry Burns on A-7

By Hugh MacArthur

The disruption to traffic on the A-7 when a lorry carrying watermelons caught fire around midnight Wednesday was still causing problems on Friday. »

Three Accidents in Two Days

By Vivienne Hughes

A young biker was killed yesterday afternoon in an accident involving a lorry and two motorbikes on the Camino Viejo de Calahonda within the municipality of Motril. »

Lorry Catches Fire

By Martin Myall

There's nothing like a lorry with its tyres in flames in front of you on the autovía to have you wondering if your life insurance is up to date. »

Velez-Benaudalla Road Accident

By Vivienne Hughes

Five people were injured in a road accident on the A-7 where it passes through the municipality of Vélez-Benaudalla. »

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