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Police Car Rammed

MOT Police Car Rammed

Three Guardia Civil officers were injured when the driver of a stolen van rammed a patrol car. One of them was seriously injured and medevacked by helicopter.

Fire on Bus Blocks A-7

AND Bus Fire A-7 Sorbas SP20

A bus on the A-7 caught fire in the early hours of Saturday morning where it passes through the municipality of Sorbas in Almería – fortunately nobody was hurt.

A-7 Tunnel Accident

ALM Itrabo Tunnel Accident 02

There was an accident yesterday afternoon around 16.30h on the A-7 on the eastbound lanes of the Ítrabo tunnel after a car hit the side of the structure.

Reader: A7 Fire & Smokers

ALM Fireman & Landrover Fire Engine

Regarding the weekend fire on the A7 above Torrecuevas – we stopped at Bar Piedra on the way home to Jete on Saturday afternoon and witnessed the fire up by the motorway