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Speargun Accident

By Hugh MacArthur

A young man managed to shoot himself with his own speargun whilst diving off a Castell de Ferro beach. »

Biggest Beach Clean Up

By Louise Powell

Over 500 volunteers, amongst them 15 professional scuba divers and 40 snorkelers cleaned up the seabed off the eastern end of the Costa Tropical. »

Scooter Hoot!

By Martin Myall

The Chairman of the Vespa Club Motril, Manolo Gálvez, announced that the 6th Ruta Vespa Costa Tropical will be held on the 10th & 11th. »

Teen, Wood stove, House Fire

By Hugh MacArthur

There was a house fire in Gualchos on the 25th in Nº2 Calle Cerrillo which caused extensive damage before it could be put out, leaving the family homeless. »

Gualchos Fire Suspect

By Vivienne Hughes

The recent mountain-brush fire near Gualchos was allegedly caused by a women with mental health issues, according to the Guardia Civil. »

Car Break-ins Thieves Caught

By Hugh MacArthur

(DLC 06) Two Moroccans were arrested by the Guardia Civil, as part of Operación Mohumi, in Carchuna in connection with thefts of valuables from parked cars. »

Heart Attack at the Wheel

By Hugh MacArthur

A man driving an articulated lorry had a heart attack right in the middle of Castell de Ferro, but disaster was averted. »

Dubious Timing

By Hugh MacArthur

This week the work to repair the defects on the A-7 between Carchuna and Castell will commence, right at the height of summer when the autovia is at its busiest. »

Coastline Shame

By Hugh MacArthur

Gone are the days when dry riverbeds were the dumping grounds for building waste, old fridges, bidets and dead donkeys - well, they’re almost gone. »

The A-7 Muddle

By Martin Myall

Politicians were invented to make paper shuffling as complicated and drawn out as possible - and we pay them to do it. »

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