Are You Seriously Surprised?

Well, that’s one autovía promise that didn’t last long! The work on the A-44 over the Rules Reservoir now won’t be finished until February 2015.

The original pledge, you will remember was that it would begin at the beginning of October and last between three and six months. Now, it turns out that it will last a total of 16 months; i.e., one year and four months.

The good news is that they weren’t telling a porkie (lie) about the work commencement date, as it will begin next Tuesday, the 22nd.

OK, this is how it will pan out:

Phase One: from October until April 2014 two lanes for Granada will be closed and the two lanes for the coast will be turned into single lane traffic in both directions. This phase finishes just before Semana Santa, with full-traffic capacity restored over that period until Phase Two begins.

Phase Two: This will last only during May 2014 when the bridge will be completely closed and traffic will be diverted along the old N-323 between the Vélez Benaudalla junction (Exit 175) and the Izbor (Exit 167). Obviously, if you are travelling up from Motril, you might as well stay on the N-323 and go through the Azud de Vélez.

Phase Three: During summer 2014 the bridge over the reservoir will be fully functional with two lanes in either direction.

Phase Four: From September 2014 until February 2015 the two Motril-bound lanes will be closed and the Granada-bound ones will be adapted to single-lane traffic either way.

It is Phase Two in May next year that might prove tricky because the N-323 is in a terrible state in parts with one lane in the process of sliding down the mountain – don’t panic! The old road with have to bear the weight of the whole coastal bound traffic for 30 days…

(News: Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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