Trouser Snake on a Plane

A couple from the USA has been fined 250 dollars each after pleading guilty to having oral sex on an internal flight within the US.

Christopher Martin from Las Vegas and his companion, Jessica Stroble from Medford were charged with lewd, indecent and obscene acts on an airplane on June 21st of this year. Passengers said they saw Mr. Martin exposing his genitalia and then engage in sex acts of an oral nature with Stroble, even though they had been warned by a flight attendant about their conduct.

The story was covered in Medford, Oregon, by The Mail Tribune, who said that the couple were not required to attend the hearing. Although the said local news source did say they had spoken to Martin who apologized for his behavior and to anyone he may have offended.

Obviously Ms. Stroble simply felt that the in-flight meal was just not enough…

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