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New Radar Speed Traps

By Martin Myall

The Dirección General de Tráfico (Traffic Department) requested permission from the Ministerio de Fomento to set up two more speed traps near the city of Granada. »

Lunatic Road Rage

By Hugh MacArthur

A 29-year-old driver is accused of deliberately driving another car off the road... on his second attempt »

A-44 Roadworks Starting Monday

By Martin Myall

Starting on Monday the 13th, there be will road works on the A-44 (Coast to Granada autovia) near the Gabias-Alhendrín junction. »

Speed Camera Sabotaged

By Martin Myall

In June somebody sabotaged the speed camera on the A-44 just before the turn off for Sierra Nevada, forcing the police to make do with mobile ones. »

The Wrong Way Down Autovías

By Hugh MacArthur

Two drivers were intercepted by the Guardia Civil driving the wrong way down an autovía in two separate incidents recently. »

Car Fire A-44 Near Dúrcal

By Vivienne Hughes

A mechanical fault caused a car on the A-44 to catch fire, requiring the presence of the fire service and Guardia Civil traffic police. »

Lorry Sheds Trailer

By Hugh MacArthur

The Guardia Civil de Tráfico had to close the north-bound lanes on the A-44 between the coast and Granada, more or less opposite the Lecrín junction. »

Autovía Chaos

By Hugh MacArthur

For the third consecutive weekend the roadworks on the A-44 near the Suspiro del Moro junction is causing long tailbacks. »

Motorway Roadwork Chaos

By Hugh MacArthur

For the last two weekends the roadworks on the A-44 just before Granada has been causing sizeable tailbacks, which have forced changes in it's tempo. »

Granada Autovía Roadworks

By Martin Myall

Roadworks began yesterday morning on the autovía that connects Granada to the Costa Tropical (A-44), affecting the Otívar and Padul turn off. »

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