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Brewery Chemical Spillage

By Martin Myall

There was a bit of a panic in Granada on Wednesday at the Alhambra Brewery owing to an escape of ammonia, resulting in four workers being treated in hospital. »

Lamppost Blocks N-340

By Vivienne Hughes

A streetlight fell onto the N-340 at the western end of the Taramay tunnel, thanks to a rockslide that brought it down. »

N-340 Reopened at Melicena

By Vivienne Hughes

Storm damage to the road where it passes through the coastal village of Melicena (Sorvillán) caused the road to be temporarily closed to traffic today. »

Are You Seriously Surprised?

By Martin Myall

Well, that's one autovia promise that didn't last long! The work on the A-44 over the Rules Reservoir now won't be finished until February 2015. »

Granada Autovia to be Temporarily Closed

By Martin Myall

Not only is there to be no coastal autovia (A-7) this year or next, but come September, the province will lose the Granada-coast autovia (A-44) »

Mountain Fire in Cañar

By Vivienne Hughes

A huge catastrophe was narrowly avoided by the prompt action of the Infoca, fire fighters in Cañar, in the Alpujarra on the 2nd. As is the case in far too many forest or mountain brush fires, it appears that the fire was deliberately started. »

Rockfall Blocks Road

By Martin Myall

With rain provoking mudslides and rockfalls all over Spain, it is not surprising that something of this nature should occur closer to home: Nerja. »

Watery Problems in Salobreña

By Martin Myall

The Town Hall was 'forced' to shut the road from La Caleta to La Guardia at Cuesta Caracho at the beginning of the week, owing to a burst water main. »

Velez Benaudall Road Closed for Roadworks

By Martin Myall

Motril councillor, Manuel Ballesteros, has issued a press statement to inform road users that habitually use the old Velez Benaudalla road that this road will be closed on Monday. »

Business Owners Protest

By Louise Powell

Around 100 business owners and residents of Avenida de Salobreña gathered at the town hall in protest at the road works last month. The »

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