Breaking News! Parking!

Breaking news! The latest stroke of brilliance from the Town Hall is as follows: in future, all tourists will be charged for parking along the beach area. Now, ‘Tourists’ are to be defined, apparently, as non-residents of Salobreña. How this is going to be applied in practice is yet to be announced.
The municipal police are going to have field days. Oh Boy! If Tourism plays a major role in our economy (which I think it does), then levying what amounts to an additional tax seems to be the very best in short-term thinking. I would suggest that those owning beachfront businesses might just have something to say about this measure.
But, at least our Mayor is consistent. So far this year, he has levied new taxes on: A) those with second homes, and now, B) on tourists and visitors. Call me cynical, but is he just trying to raise money from people who have no local vote?

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