Dave Nichols

Living in America

Watching the morning TV news the other day, I began to muse upon the American attitude towards foreigners, and foreign Countries. Tricky to define, I concluded. You can’t really call Americans xenophobic – mainly because the majority have never met a foreigner. No, the best word I could come up with is “insular”. For example, the demise of the little-lamented Colonel Gaddafy got a couple of minutes. Likewise, the bail-out of the Greek economy by the ECB, at a cost of gazillions.

Border Blog

The Seaside Gazette’s American column (Americana) for American expats living on the Costa Tropical, which is written by Dave Nichols who reports from Arizona.

English as She is Spoke

As I was saying, about this whole American/English thing – after 30 years or so living in the USA, I think I qualify as bi-lingual. However, after a 10-year absence, I’m finding that some of the linguistic tendencies of my American cousins strike my ear in a peculiar way. To quote Professor ‘Enry ‘Iggins from that great Musical, My Fair Lady, it amounts to, ‘The cold-blooded murder of the English tongue.’

Americana – April

Dave and Arlene Nichols provide another combined Anglo-American musings: Dave on humour differences and Arlene on how the Royal Wedding is seen in the States

Dave & Arlene Move

And that, dear readers, is about that. Except – our dearest Ed has asked if we would continue a contribution to the mag, from the USA – so we might appear in these hallowed pages in future, but with a different slant on things. Which means, to all of you, my thanks for reading the…

Curry Charity

I would be remiss, if I did not mention the wonderful Curry Lunch, prepared by Mike & Jenny Comley recently, in aid of a charity called “Children in India.”

Cars Damaged

I finish with the fun stuff. In Northern Europe, your car tends to be in danger of ‘keying’ (scratching cars with a key – Ed) by rowdy teenagers under the influence.

Sugar Cane Fields Development

The local rag (Ideal) highlights the ‘Green Light’ being given to develop the former sugar cane fields in La Caleta. The plans include, as regular readers will know, a large marina along with one or more luxury Hotels.

Tax in Installments

Even more electioneering. The Ayuntamiento has announced that it will now accept payment of local taxes in twelve ‘easy installments.’ Puts you in mind of one of those financing commercials, doesn’t it?