Red Beetles vs Palms

MOT palmsThe red beetle is back and causing damage to palm trees at devastating levels and beginning to alter the Costa Tropical panorama. It is reported that over 500 trees have died during the summer months when the red beetle is at its most active. If you take a quick drive from Motril to Puntalón, you will see many dead palm trees along the route and reports suggest that the Mina Sierra area between Motril and Salobreña (inland) has also been badly affected.
The red beetle is actually a worm and can be as big as a man’s index finger … up to 700 of these can infect a palm at any one time and then move on to munch through yet another palm. Reports suggest that the epidemic is now so bad that people are crushing them underfoot when walking down pavements. This is bad news indeed for the owners of properties around Motril and many owners are now reporting their palm trees are infected and are having to chop them down.
If you have palm trees on your land that you want to protect, there is something that you can do about it that is inexpensive and a treatment once every 20 days could save your trees. Go and see Paco (speaks English) in the shop opposite the entrance to Maxi-Día at the top of Gasoline Alley (next to the Chinese restaurant) and he will advise you on a combination of products (we are told it is best to alternate between at least two products).

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