Héloïse Nolan

Beetle Doom

The Escarabajo (red beetle) has now well and truly got its clutches into the Washington palm trees on the coast and has set off an alarm signal from the Agricultural Department of Parks and Gardens in Motril

Telefonica Abuse?

Telefónica phone abuse? We have been hearing stories of foreign residents here with Telefónica phone connections that have noticed high charges being made on their bills when they are not even in the country and no one is using the house!

8,000 Euros of Honesty

There are no villains or thieves here in Motril … just good honest folk! The Casares newspaper kiosk have had their fair share of stories to tell us over the past thirty two years that they have been in business on the Avenida de Salobreña but their latest story tops the lot.

Casa de los Bates

A new tourist complex for Motril? Casa de los Bates is persisting in its endeavours to build a 500-room hotel on their land which would occupy an area of some 450,000 square metres.

Stallholder Increase

Motril Council has seen a 250% increase in the number of people requesting market stalls in the area. According to recent data that the town hall has been shuffling around this is due to the economic crisis as more people try to make ends meet.

Hash on the Beaches

To all hash-smoking scuba divers! We are now informed through the media that the Guardia Civil recently detained three Moroccan gentlemen that were illegally entering Spain via the beaches of Motril with a stash of hash aboard their vessel.

Rastro Boot Sale

Oh, dear, oh dear. If it’s not the weather, it’s the economy. I’m sitting at the Mac, trying hard to find something positive to write – as yet another thunderstorm rages overhead, deluging us with even more rain. It’s difficult to find something positive to write about, but there was a bright spot: the first ‘Eco Rastro,’ or boot sale, was held in El Parque de la Fuente on February 6th.