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Pines Under Attack

A micro-organism, native of North America and Japan is wiping out the pine forests across the country. From the moment of being attacked by this tiny invader, the tree doesn’t even last a month.

The White Cactus Plague

ALP Cacti Pest photo

Although this article mainly concerns Lanjarón, evidence of this prickly-pear disease is all over Andalucia: shrivelled cacti pads, covered in a white substance.

What Happened to the Plague?

But considering the Ebola hype, what really happened to the plague? The only disease mankind has been able to eradicate is smallpox, although the virus is still being stored in high security laboratories – in case one needs it!

Beetle Doom

The Escarabajo (red beetle) has now well and truly got its clutches into the Washington palm trees on the coast and has set off an alarm signal from the Agricultural Department of Parks and Gardens in Motril

Red Beetles vs Palms

The red beetle is back and causing damage to palm trees at devastating levels and beginning to alter the Costa Tropical panorama. It is reported that over 500 trees have died during the summer months when the red beetle is at its most active.