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Salobreña Palm-Tree Pruning

By Vivienne Hughes

The private company charged with maintaining public parks and gardens in Salobreña, ATHISA, has stepped up the pace of palm pruning. »

Herradura Square Tidied

By Louise Powell

The village previously had its main paseo and beach gardens tidied but this time it was the turn of Plaza El Ruso. »

Tree Felling Boob

By Martin Myall

In the race to get Plaza Kelibia in Almuñécar finished for Semana Santa it appears that the Town Hall bypassed necessary steps, which the CA has been quick to denounce. »

Pruning the Palms

By Martin Myall

The Motril Maintenance Department were busy during the month of January pruning the town centre's 300 palm trees. »

Calle Pablo Iglesias Finished

By Martin Myall

The final touches to the new-look of Calle Pablo Iglesias were added with the new, raised, tree beds - a glance at the photograph will clarify what we mean by that. »

The Good, The Bad and The Disputable

By Editor

The work on the street leading up from the town-hall square to the church has finally concluded, and looks pretty good, as well as much more practical, but a controversy is brewing... »

Green Women Against Tree Felling

By Martin Myall

The Almuñécar-based women's ecologist group, La Asociación de Mujeres Ecologistas Sexitanas, has denounced what they claim to be "extreme tree Felling" on the Paseo del Altillo gardens. They say that around a dozen emblematic trees were cut down from at base level, especially 'ficus' (rubber-plant trees) near the car-park entrance. They consider that these... »

Palms Relocated

By Martin Myall

Locals in Almuñécar will have noticed that Town Hall workers from the garden and parks maintenance department have taken away a number of full-grown palm trees along Calle Pablo Iglesias. The reason for this is because they are literally destroying the pavement, thanks to their ever-increasing girth. »

Embellished Beaches

By Editor

If you walk out to the furthest reaches of the Puerta del Mar beach - in front of the Eroski supermarket - you will have to cover 200 metres before reaching the water. This extensive area of beach is thanks to the parallel breakwater, and in only a few years! »

Tree Controversy

By Editor

Anybody who has walked or driven past Las Esplanadas in the town centre will have seen workers and machinery operating on the garden area. However, this has generated quite a bit of controversy because the PSOE claim that old trees are being indiscriminately cut down and the stumps uprooted. »

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