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Autovía 2013? (Part II)

It was in 2005 when the then Minister for Public Works, Magdelena Álvarez, announced that the A-7 coastal autovía would open in 2008. We could go back 20 years, if we wanted to retrace the first steps of the autovía, but let’s keep things within recent memory.

XIV Solidarity Campaign with Baracoa

The XIV Solidarity Campaign with Baracoa (Cuba) enjoyed some sunshine, thank God, as there was a worry that recent rains would spoil the fund-raising event, which, by the way, will be using some of the funds obtained to help the people of Haiti.

Hotel Sackings

There has been quite an uproar over the sacking of eleven permanent staff from the Hotel Playa (originally Sol Meliá), which is situated on Playa San Cristóbal, next to Río Seco.

Rising Watertable Problems

One of the problems produced by the constant rainfall is the rise in the water-table, which has flooded out basements in Almuñécar and La Herradura, one of which is the Aquarium, which had to be closed down for about a week to pump the encroaching water out.

Lentegí Mourns

Lentegí was shocked to learn that the New Zealander, Kevin Holmes, was the co-pilot on a rescue helicopter that crashed into the sea off Almería Port. Three of the four crew, amongst them Mr Holmes, perished.

Shop to be Raffled

You know when there is an economical crisis on the prowl when somebody decides to raffle their supermarket for 100 euros a ticket.

TDT Arrives

On the 18th of January we went onto TDT (Televisión Digital Terrestre) all over Spain, Almuñécar included. TDT is digital transmission via normal terrestrial broadcasts, rather than via a satellite.