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Shoplifters Dump Children

Most people think that shoplifters are rotten people. Well, three women who were stealing goods from a Walmart Supercenter in Peoria, Arizona, proved themselves to be even more rotten.

Penis Enlargement Gone Wrong

So, you approach a ‘doctor’ and ask for some filler to be inserted into your buttocks, to give it that firm, pert look. However, your surgeon turns out to be a useless, unlicensed, botch artist who cocks the whole procedure up, leaving it looking worse than before.

Give The Woman Some Bacon!

US woman Shaneka Monique Torres has been given seven years in jail because she was so enraged at not getting any bacon on her cheeseburger from a McDonalds drive-through in Michigan that she fired a gun through the window.

Chinese Casonova Caught Out

Reports from Changsha in China say that a rather naughty Chinese man who was seeing 17 different girlfriends was found out when they all arrived to visit him in hospital.

Norwegian Beard Toupée

We’re off to Hordaland county in Norway now, where a man in his 40’s has found himself with the possibility of doing some jail time after shaving off his beard and gluing it to another man’s bald head to create a ‘beard toupee.’

The Reluctant Dead

It’s the stuff of horror movies, the undertaker working late, the movement of the coffin lid behind him… he turns to see a woman rising from the coffin and he collapses to the floor in a dead faint.

100,000 Euro Speeding Fine

A motorist in Finland was recently handed down a fine of 100,000 euros. His offence was no different than mine, but in Finland, you are fined based on your wealth. So, Anders Wiklof, an extremely wealthy businessman was slapped with this hefty penalty based on the fact that he is a multi-millionaire.

Dog Shot Twice By Burglars

Leaping at the intruders, the pup was shot twice, once in the head and again in the shoulder. The head shot exited near Legend’s ear and the shoulder one came out near his hip. However, Legends attack on the intruders gave Shahan time to scream for help and the robbers fled… but not before