Mother-in-Law Has Last Word

So, was it a message from beyond the grave? No, a simple accident, where a 74-year-old man died after his mother-in-law’s gravestone fell on him.

The unfortunate Stephen Woytack was kneeling at the side of the grave with his wife, when the top half of the weighty stone fell onto him crushing his head, explained a police spokesperson in northeastern Pennsylvania, USA.

In explanation, Mr. Woytack was helping his wife affix a cross around the stone, and one can only assume that as he went to pull himself back up, the top half came away. The incident occurred at St. Joseph’s Cemetery in the town of Throop. The couple were regular visitors to the grave and did like to decorate the stone at Easter time according to the cemetery’s caretaker Ed Kubilus.

He also explained that some headstones do become unstable at this time of the year as the ground thaws out after winter, thus causing the bases of the stones to sink down.

Lastly, the Woytacks have apparently moved their grave plots closer to the mother-in-law’s site… so, he won’t have far to go then! Every cloud…

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