Penis Enlargement Gone Wrong

Tuesday, September 8, 2015
By David Darby

WLD Penis SurgeonsSo, you approach a ‘doctor’ and ask for some filler to be inserted into your buttocks, to give it that firm, pert look. However, your surgeon turns out to be a useless, unlicensed, botch artist who cocks the whole procedure up, leaving it looking worse than before.

What do you do? Well, you obviously do what a Miami man did when it happened to him. You ask her to have a go at your penis as well! You know, just some extra length and a bit more girth please, Doc.

Needles to say, the said unlicensed, ‘surgeon,’ Nery Carvajal-González, 48, completely cocked up the cock-job as well, leaving the 55-year-old, Miami, hair stylist, with a tiny, disfigured penis which was ‘raw and painful.’

Our hapless hairdresser had already paid Carvajal-González 2,500 dollars for the buttock implants, which had left him with an extra hole back there with fluid seeping out. Looking at his deformed penis he asked her to sort it out. So, being a kind and compassionate woman, she took him to see Mark Schreiber, incredibly, another fake doctor who operated from a warehouse. Little did the victim know, Bodge-Job Schreiber had already spent two years in jail for performing unlicensed, plastic surgeries back in 2008… (you couldn’t make this stuff up!)

Our victim gives Schreiber 1,000 dollars to sort out his painful penis. Schreiber dutifully performed a surgery and sent his patient home with his privates swathed in bandages. However, upon removal of the wrappings, he found that his penis had been mutilated even more. Schreiber took a peek and said that it looked normal to him… sent him on his way and stopped taking his calls.

Both unlicensed doctors have been arrested and face charges of unlicensed health care causing serious injury. Prosecutor Warren Eth told a local news station that the victims ordeal “reads like a horror script.”

The victim says he remains permanently disfigured and unable to have sex, with other issues such as no sensation when urinating and the occasional painful “spontaneous erection.”


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