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Motril Mining Park

The Parque del Cerro del Toro (Motril) might soon leave its state of limbo and abandon thanks to a possible agreement between the Junta and the Town Hall.

More Arson

The Valle de Lecrín town of Dúrcal has been witnessing a spate of car burning in the town and area, which has the locals more than worried.

Sneaky & Unsporting

The Chairman of Club Show Time, Álvaro Juárez, has complained about the appearance of thumbtacks (drawing pins) and nails on the BMX racing track in El Pozuelo, Almuñécar

Dutch Minors Go on the Rampage

Five Dutch youngsters have been arrested for allegedly vandalizing street accessories (benches & litter bins etc) in Motril. Locals alerted the police to say that the youths, four of whom were minors, were damaging litter bins and emptying the contents onto the paseo.