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Teacher Arrested for Sexual Abuse

By Vivienne Hughes

A school teacher in Vélez-Málaga has been taken into custody, accused of sexually abusing female pupils at his school. »

Simplify Your Life

By Louise Powell

That's the title of the lecture that the Tibetan Master, Tulku Lobsang Rimpoché will be giving at the Centro Cívico in La Herradura this month. »

Crossbow Killing

By Martin Myall

A 13-year-old high-school student, armed with his father's crossbow, allegedly went on a rampage at his school, killing one and wounding four. »

Pupil Sets Light to Teacher’s Hair

By Martin Myall

A 16-year-old pupil at a secondary school in Barbate, Cádiz, set light to his females teacher's hair with his cigarette lighter. »

Teacher Rams Pupils…

By Martin Myall

On May 22nd the day of strike in the education sector, there was an unfortunate incident, marring what should have been a peaceful protest. »

Teacher Basher Released

By Martin Myall

Estefana C.F. has been released from prison on parole after serving five months of her 3-year prison sentence for striking a female school teacher. The 24-year-old mother from Fuente Vaquero in central Granada was the first woman in Spain to be sent to prison for physically assaulting a school teacher. »

Religion, Schooling and Divorce

By Editor

(Regional News) A provincial law court in Almeria has just ordered a state school to reinstate a Religion teacher, whom they had fired because she had married a divorced man from Germany. »

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