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100,000 Euro Speeding Fine

A motorist in Finland was recently handed down a fine of 100,000 euros. His offence was no different than mine, but in Finland, you are fined based on your wealth. So, Anders Wiklof, an extremely wealthy businessman was slapped with this hefty penalty based on the fact that he is a multi-millionaire.

Improbable Speeding

A van driver has been acquitted of a dangerous driving charge; not because his excuse was accepted, but because the judge found 187 kph to be too ambitious, given the type of vehicle.

The Idiosyncracies of the Law

Manuel Hidalgo carries the weight of having buried his young son – an almost insupportable weight for most. But this burden is increased by the seeming injustice behind the Spanish Judicial System.

Company Car?

Off to Germany now, Saarland to be exact, where a driver was pulled over for speeding. Just a routine stop for the traffic cops. However, they were just a little shocked at what they found inside the vehicle.

Wrong Car; Wrong Person

Luis García Díaz is not a happy bunny after receiving a traffic fine… for a car that isn’t his and for a traffic incident in a place where he hadn’t set foot in the last ten years.