Drunk, Crashed & Caught

A 24-year-old man has been charged with dangerous driving and DUI, as well as three counts of causing bodily harm through extreme negligence.

GRA Pissed & PrangedIt was around 22.30h on the 3rd of Apil that the Guardia Civil received a call out for a road accident on the CA-730 within the municipality of Campoo de Enmedio (Cantabría) – a car had left the road and plunged down an embankment.

…And you can stop that infernal tittering; “Campoo” is not a typo!

In the car with the driver were three passengers, one of whom was so badly injured that he needed to be rushed to hospital. Upon arrival at the scene, the police gave the driver a breathlyser – he was found to be three times over the legal limit.

The Guardia Civil officers tasked with examining the evidence left by a road accident found skid marks around 30 metres long ending where the car left the road. Just before where the accident took place and in the direction from where the car had come, there was a signpost indicating a sharp bend and a speed limit of 50kph.  The length of the skid mark indicates that the car was travelling much faster.

(News: Campoo Enmedio, Cantabria)

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