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Brit Family Rescued

GRA Brit Family Rescue in the Snow

It doesn’t matter if it’s winter or summer; people are always getting lost, twisting ankles, falling down barrancos and Sereim is always there to rescue them.

Friday Fireball

Jerry Lee Lewis - Great Balls of Fire

It was at 21.26h on Friday that a fireball crossed the sky , witnessed by quite a few people in the centre and south of Spain.

Ski Season Date Given

GRA Sierra Nevada Skiers 22FB21 OnL

If things go according to plan – there being snow, for example – the Winter 2021/22, Sierra Nevada skiing season will commence on the 27th of November.

Total Summer Rescues

GRA Guardia Rescue Helicopter

On the 21st of September, summer drew to a close and the Guardia Civil could tot up just how many times it had gone out to rescue people: 45 times.

A Day in the Mountains

FTR Huenes Panoramic Valley Shot

So crowding on the coast is easing off but you are still gasping for a bit of space with no noise and nobody around. Well in that case how about Cerro de Huenes?