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Neat Nymph Adorns Roundabout

By Martin Myall

So we finally have the topping on the cake or in other words, the statue on the Altillo roundabout in Almuñécar. »

The Blue Zone Blitz

By Martin Myall

Just reminder that Blue Zones on the Costa Tropical are in full force over Easter and Almuñécar/La Herradura are no exceptions. »

Easter Refuse Collection Times

By Vivienne Hughes

The rubbish-collection times in Almuñécar will change for the duration of Semana Santa on certain avenues, central streets and squares. »

Almuñécar Medieval Market

By Martin Myall

The Medieval Market on the Paseo de San Cristóbal in Almuñécar is up and running and will be until Sunday midday. »

Paraglider Paseo Crash Landing

By Hugh MacArthur

A paraglider enthusiast made an emergency landing on the Paseo de Velilla in Almuñécar yesterday afternoon. »

Almuñécar Paseo Vandalism

By Hugh MacArthur

The Almuñécar Policía Local are looking into acts of wanton vandalism carried out along the Paseo del Altillo on Tuesday night. »

Rest. Nº20 La Herradura

By David Darby

Good news! With the summer madness just about over and done with and those pesky holidaymakers on their way home, it’s back to normality here on the coast. »

Reina Sofia Seawall Repaired

By Hugh MacArthur

Costas has finished the repair work along the Paseo de Reina Sofía (Almuñécar) sea wall, between the water park and the groyne. »

Reina Sofia Breakwater Work

By Vivienne Hughes

Costas has got its finger out and has started repairing the damage caused to the Paseo Reina Sofía breakwater in Almuñécar. »

Reina Sofía Car Fire

By Hugh MacArthur

There was a car fire in an underground parking area under an apartment block on the Paseo Reina Sofía last Sunday afternoon. »

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