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Overstretched Infoca

AND Campsite Fire

The Andalusian, forest, fire-fighting service Infoca has been working flat out, combating around six fires scattered all over the region – the latest was on a campingsite.

The Dog Killers

AND Dog Killers

Up in Valverde de la Virgen (Leon) a 47-year-old man stands accused of tying his dog to the rear of his car, making it run home, resulting in it dying from exhaustion.

Seven Dead Dogs

AND dead puppies OnL

Whilst conscious that we don’t want to turn into a “bleeding-heart” publication, it’s impossible not to cover this: four pups and two adult dogs died from heat exhaustion in car.

Fatal Silly Mistake

AND Gasoline Tragedy OnL

Tragedy in Camino del Realejo, in Puente Tablas (Jaén) after somebody threw gasoline on an open fireplace – four family members died as a consequence.