Police Brutality in Linares

An inspector belonging to the Policía Nacional has been arrested, along with one of his subordinates for brutally beating up a man in public.

AND Police Chief ArrestedThe victim, who was with his 14-year-old daughter at the time, was on Calle Espronceda in Linares (Jaén) last Friday afternoon in front of a bar.

The police Spokesperson described what happened as “regrettable,” but should not reflect negatively upon police officers carrying out their duty every day.

Eye witnesses said that there was a scuffle involving several people, amongst them were the two, off-duty policemen wearing civilian dress.

Two officers from UDEV (Specialised Unit for Violent Delinquency) were sent to Linares from the Provincial HQ to take statements from the two officers, the victim and eye witnesses and also to demonstrate that it was not the Linares police station investigating its own staff.

The incident appears to have taken place on a bar terrace on the said street. Officers from the Policía Local and the Policía were despatched immediately after concerned members of the public called in.

Several bystanders took video recordings of the fight and posted it on social media, which immediately went viral. The victim can be seen on the floor receiving kicks and punches as he is restrained and the daughter trying to drag his assailants off him.

Such was the indignation felt amongst residents of Linares that a protest was arranged for the next day at 20.00h in front of the main entrance to the police station. The protest turned violent and 14 people were arrested, amongst them two minors, and 20 officers were also injured.

The Town Hall has issued a statement condemning what happened and demand that disciplinary action be taken against the two officers.

(News: Linares, Jaen, Andalucia)

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