Booby-Trapped Dog Treats

SPN BoobyTrapped Dog TreatsThe Guardia Civil in Jaén are investigating a man for allegedly hiding nails and pins in sausages and leaving them in areas were dogs are walked or wander.

It was at the beginning of October that a local from Torredonjimeno reported having found booby-trapped meat. He said that several animals had had to be operated upon to remove nails, needles and other sharp objects from their digestive systems. The caller was a dog owner himself.

The Guardia Civil immediately began investigating the affair and soon deduced that the majority of the incidents had taken place near an olive plantation next to the urban area of the said town. In fact, the police came across several boobytrapped sausages on a pavement, as well as next to hopper bins, which they quickly removed.

Before long, the Guardia Civil had arrested a 65-year-old man, after witnessing him leaving some more lethal bait and then riding off on a moped.

(News: Torredonjimeno, Jaén, Andalucia)

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