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Love vs. The Lock Down

GRA Via Verde Martos

A romantic remedy for Covid-19? No, It’s the story of a young man who decided to ask his girlfriend to marry him, in person, and to hell with the Quarantine.

Kitchen Surgery

AND Kitchen Cat Surgery

A cat owner was arrested in La Guardia (Jaen) after allegedly carrying out home surgery on her cats – she has been charged with Animal Cruelty.

Unhappy with Customer Service

The overworked Guardia Civil arrested a man who allegedly attacked a gun shop owner with an axe in Martos, Jaen. The irate, 49-year-old gentleman was annoyed with the shop owner as he had refused to sell him an air pistol, which quickly degenerated into promises of defecating on family tombs, doubts about the virility of their…

Wet, Wet, Wet Weekend

GRA Campotejar

Well that was a wet weekend, from the north of the province to the south. Take Campotéjar on the Jaén border where the river burst its banks, for example.