Andaluz Contagion Rate Drops

The cases per 100k ration in Andalucía has dropped 17.6 points compared with last Saturday, standing now at 338.5. Compared with last Monday, its a 119.1 drop.

GRA Hospital Virgen Nieves staffAndalusia presently has registered 2,377 cases of coronavirus, which is 246 fewer than 48 hours ago, according to the regional Ministry for Health.

On a provincial level, Sevilla continues to head the list of most cases (717) followed by Málaga (391), Cádiz (376) Huelva (220) Córdoba (185) Granada (178) Almería (156) and Jaén (154).

There have been 13 deaths in the last 48 hours in Andalucía, seven in Córdoba, three in Málaga, two in Cádiz, and one in Almería. There have been no deaths in the rest of the provinces, including Granada.

(News: Andalucia)

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