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PSOE Offices Vandalised

If you did read Saturday’s article on how socialist party offices around the country are being attacked, then what happened in Motril is a further example.

Belgian Arrested for Vandalism

A 41-year-old Belgian man was arrested in the early hours of the 10th after allegedly painting on the facade of the Iglesia San Justo y Pastor, the Colegio Mayor Bartolomé y Santiago and on the steps of La Plaza de las Pasiegas in Granada. Both the church and the college are listed as national heritage buildings.

Jordanian Graffiti

An NCO (below officer rank) serving in the Jordanian Air Force opted to visit the Alhambra whilst on holiday in Spain, and was so impressed by the architecture of the Alhambra that he decided to engrave his initials on one of the walls… and he was caught red handed.

Pepilla in the Cross Hairs

Plenty of people in Salobreña are asking themselves and each other who the hell ‘Pepilla’ is, because somebody has ‘decorated’ the town with graffiti asking where she is – the Town Hall isn’t happy…