Molvízar Mayor’s Car Arson

SAL Mayor of Molvizar Vandalism IncidentThe Mayor of Molvízar, Irene Justo Martín, has announced that somebody tried to incinerate a car that they thought was hers – is nothing sacred?

The incident took place on Friday night when a person unknown started a fire amongst dried vegetation in front of the parked car.

According to the Mayor Justo Martín, this is the second time that somebody has tried to carry out an act of vandalism against her property since she took up office. The first was unflattering graffiti at the beginning of summer.

She thanks neighbours for helping her put the small fire out before it spread.

She concluded by saying that she will continue to work as she has to date because she believes that good will and good manners will help the village to prosper.

(News: Molvizar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia – Photo: Facebook/Irene Justo Martín)

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