Las Gabias Pyromaniac Caught

GRA Guardia Civil Post Gabias BThe 45-year-old suspect allegedly targeted parked cars and rubbish hoppers all around Las Gabias. As for the racist paint scribblings (graffiti), they were all anti-establishment, sprinkled with insulting and hateful comments about a female councillor at the Town Hall and the police forces.

The vandalic acts and cases of arson began in October last year and continued into April. He allegedly started with torching parked cars, whilst multi-tasking, writing his thoughts on the facades close to his toasted victims.

Most of the comments were directed at the Town Hall and the Policía Local and were not the sort of well wishes contained on Christmas cards.

Next came the rubbish hoppers… 23 of them, most of them containing old clothes that a local association would wash and give to marginal families and the homeless.

As mentioned above, a female councillor on the Town Council also received so unwanted literary attention, mainly because of her political affiliation.

Now on a roll and having found the Guardia Civil post in Gabias closed, he reportedly scaled the perimeter and torched two private vehicles in the court yard belonging to officers! Positively brimming with enthusiasm, he is accused of expressing his low opinion of The Fuzz on the facade of the police station.

Police investigation narrowed down the list of suspects to him and when they went to have a chat with him, he attempted to make good his escape on a bicycle. However, for him, the writing was on the wall…

(News: Las Gabias, Vega, Granada, Andalucia)

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